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With the legalization of recreational and medical marijuana in several states, its demand has risen. This has directly led to the cropping up of countless vendors claiming to offer real marijuana for sale online. However, if you want to buy marijuana online, we advise you to take time to identify legit outlets, like Bud4Meds Dispensary. We deliver mail order marijuana safely and discretely across the USA, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, the UK, and South America.

Our Weed Collection

We have hundreds of weed strains in our inventory. Whether you’re looking for indica, sativa, or hybrid variety, there’s something for you. Here are some of the products that are currently available:

  1. Super Silver Haze Strain

Price: $255.00/ounce

The Super Silver Haze Strain is 80 percent sativa and 20 percent Indica. It has a high THC level of 23 percent, which makes it ideal if you’re looking to buy legit marijuana online for a mind-altering experience. Using this strain can help you relieve symptoms associated with depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. It can also help you regain lost appetite and decrease fatigue. You will love its sweet, fruity aroma and creamy taste if you wish to avoid weed with an uncomfortable aftertaste.

An ounce of this currently goes for $255.00, but the more ounces you buy, the cheaper it becomes. For instance, ordering 2 ounces instead of 1 will cost $214.20 for each ounce. If you order 16 ounces, you get one of our best deals, at $119.85 per ounce.

  1. Blue Diesel Strain

Price: $238.00/ounce

If you’re looking to buy weed online, that’s an Indica dominant strain; the Blue Diesel Strain is a great option. It’s a hybrid with 60 percent Indica and 40 percent sativa. This is a cross between the NYC Diesel and the Blueberry Strains, and that gives it a blueberry aroma and flavor, alongside a sour taste and flowery notes. With a THC concentration of between 16-23 percent, this strain will deliver a euphoric, cerebral, and uplifting effect.

  1. Bruce Banner Flower

Price: $242.00/ounce

Another sativa dominant hybrid strain, the Bruce Banner Flower has a THC concentration of 24-29 percent. It’s a cross between OG Kush, one of the most popular and unique strains in the cannabis world, and Strawberry Diesel, which is a 50/50 hybrid of sativa and Indica. Bruce Banner Flower has a strong, pungent smell, and a flavor with notes of citrus. It may be useful in relieving insomnia, nausea, stress, arthritis, and ADD/ADHD.

  1. Lemon Kush

Price: $236.00/ounce

The Lemon Kush is a balanced strain, with 50/50 amounts of both Indica and sativa. It’s a breed of the Lemon Joy and Master Kush Strains. This strain has a THC potency of 17 percent and only 1 percent of CBD. Lemon Kush can aid in managing symptoms of bipolar disorder, PTSD, and chronic pain.

Why You Should Buy from Us

Bud4Meds is a legit weed shop online that will provide you with exactly what you order. We have a variety of marijuana products such as buds and edibles, which come at incredibly affordable prices. If you need any assistance to buy marijuana online, please get in touch with us today on +1(760) 971-7317.

Buy marijuana online
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